About Us

Who We Are

Urban Outline Building Group, incorporated in 2008, is an award-winning commercial construction and management firm specializing in high-end, modern, unique tenant fit-up spaces inline with current workplace demands.  Based in Toronto, Canada with projects spanning coast to coast, we are committed to our clients, their vision, our environment, our community and our employees.

In Urban’s 10 year history, our commitment to high performance, transparent communication with our clients, partners and trades allows us to deliver exceptional quality earning us our reputation as one of Canada’s fastest growing and exciting Commercial Management and Contracting Firms.  We utilize the latest technologies in tandem with our highly skilled in- house team to properly execute our client’s vision mitigating risk wherever possible. We pride ourselves on maintaining a boutique inspired experience for our clients while providing an expansive breadth of expertise from the beginning, through to the completion of each project.

In our partnerships and long standing relationships with local trades, subcontractors, property management groups, architectural/design and engineering firms, and our highly trained internal work-force, our clients rest easy knowing their project is in our hands.

Urban Outline Building Group –  Building Outside The Box.

What We Do

Urban Outline Building Group specializes in high-end, modern, unique tenant fit-up spaces inline with current workplace demands. Keeping our finger on the pulse of workplace environments and trends we excel at building spaces that move away from the traditional “Box” office and more toward the future of open office environments.

Headquartered in downtown Toronto, we service the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada with current projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Offering three tiers of service: Construction Management, General Contracting Services and Tenant/Landlord Servicing, Urban upholds the highest standard of quality by utilizing:

COMMUNICATION:   Clear and transparent communication with our partners, clients and trades
EXPERTISE:   Our reliable, highly trained in-house workforce
TECHNOLOGY:  Using the latest technology platforms we can mitigate risk, stay on-track and on budget and provide client access to the process in real time.

Urban Outline Building Group –  Building Outside The Box.

Mission Statement

Urban Outline’s mission is to be the number one Canadian Commercial Construction firm for modern office renovations.  As we continue our rapid growth, we rely on our company culture that supports equality, training and each highly skilled individual. We like coming to work and we like the people we work with.

We are positioning ourselves in collaboration with trades we know and partners we trust as a company building the new office environment. We think “outside the box”.

Excelling at clear and transparent communication, we help our clients understand their project though the latest technology, which takes the guesswork and risk out of the process and replaces that with a “real time” platform in which they view project progress.

Urban’s core values are simple. We are transparent, reliable and trustworthy.  We take care of our people and our trades. We get the job done on-time and on-budget.

We are currently working on our involvement in our community through education and outreach programs.

Urban Outline Building Group –  Building Outside The Box.

The Urban Promise

We want your project completed on time and on budget. We promise to utilize our highly skilled in-house workforce, our trades we know, our partners we trust in collaboration with the latest technology to ensure we deliver on our promise.

Choosing Urban as your building partner ensures you will receive:

  • A dedicated Senior Project Manger
  • A highly skilled in-house workforce to assist your PM
  • A dynamic, real-time technological platform available anytime, any day to view your project process, help mitigate risk and ensure milestones are met and timelines and budgets are adhered to.

Urban Outline Building Group –  Building Outside The Box.

The Urban Team


Craig Lloyd
Chief Executive Officer

Craig’s been in construction his whole life. He started as a laborer building cottages in Muskoka, Ontario’s Cottage Country. He’s flipped houses, completed an apprenticeship and was fortunate to land a great job as a project manager for a then budding residential construction company where he managed multi-million dollar developments.  All of these experiences combined helped him hone his trades and management skills. After several years he was ready to branch out on his own and create a commercial construction company that would bring the office environments into the future while reflecting who he is as a person and what he can contribute to the industry. He has a passionate approach to management and client interaction. He has a high level of focus and is driven by client satisfaction while maintaining a healthy, thriving workplace environment. Craig keeps his finger on the pulse of latest technologies and office trends as he continues to push the company in the future.

Ken Rigby
Vice President of Business Development

Ken has been a key member of the executive Urban Team for several years. During Urban’s developmental phase, Ken was instrumental in creating the marketing package, conceptualizing developmental strategies and alongside the CEO, implementing the growth plan now in place. Currently, Ken maintains his focus on Business and Relationship Development and has proven to be an essential team member overseeing Project Management when needed.

Lindsay Sutherland Boal
Public Relations

Lindsay is a professional singer and actor turned Public Relations Specialist, has joined Urban as it’s Director of Public Relations. Combining her educational and international performance and brand ambassadorship experience, Lindsay spearheaded the rebranding of Urban Outline Building Group. Within this role she will continue to develop the organization’s community outreach initiatives, capture it’s growth through it’s social media platforms, and assist the founder and his team in fulfilling the company’s goal to be Canada’s #1 choice for modern and unique office renovations.

Mackenzie Stevenson
Site Supervisor

Mackenzie grew up surrounded by renovations as the son of a carpenter. He began his career as a general laborer moving to carpentry and then for several years as part of a team building subdivisions in the Greater Toronto Area.  Wanting a change from subdivisions, he happened to walk by a modern condo development in downtown Toronto. He went in, asked for a job and that’s how he met Craig, Urban’s CEO.  Mackenzie has been with Urban since it’s inception in 2008. He is an important member of the urban team and is known for his site management skills and his great communication with trades and clients.

Message From The CEO


Thank you for taking the time to visit Urban Outline.

Renovating an office space can be an exciting yet daunting task. It can be equally daunting to choose the right Construction team to partner with. I am hopeful that you will give Urban Outline the opportunity to earn your business.

The office environment is important. And it’s changing. Companies want a great space they are proud to call home and employees want a great place to go everyday. What makes a space great? The specifics will depend on each individual client but we feel that a great work place is inspiring, open and collaborative.  While Urban has built more traditional closed office environments we excel at building the future of work places that think “Outside the Box”.

We make the construction process as easy as possible by relying on our transparent communication skills, our highly trained staff and our tech platforms which enable our clients ‘real-time’ access to the entire construction process helping to mitigate risk, keeping projects on time and on budget.  We value what you have to say and we will be listening.

My team and me are ready to discuss your project at anytime.

Craig Lloyd
Urban Outline Building Group –  Building Outside The Box.